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Projects I've worked on


Designer, creative lead

Horror game set in an abandoned arcade, plagued by a cursed arcade machine. The events of the 2D-game affect the events of the 3D-world and vice versa.

Demo featured on the front page with over 20k downloads and over 5 million views on YouTube.


With Bonus Stage Publishing, the game will release on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Playstation in 2022! 


Demo available on Steam and!


Free the Fish & Glass Art
Game Designer

Two hyper casual mobile games, released on Google Play for testing. 


For both games, after I was given an initial game idea, I designed all core features, then collaborated with the rest of the team to get the features implemented.


Link to Free the Fish! (Google Play)

Link to Glass Art (Google Play)


Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil

Lead Designer, Concept & Narrative

Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil is a narrative-driven psychological horror game, where the player explores the past of a house buried in mystery. Everything the player learns or reads turns into reality.


I was in charge of game direction and everything design-related, from level design to writing and executing the narrative.


The game was released on Steam and Itchi.o on 14.2.2020.


Frog Out! 

Level Designer / Environment Artist

Frog Out! is a local 4-player party game, where frogs compete to become the craftiest frog in the pond. The game revolves around it’s simple yet versatile game mechanic: using their tongue, the players can catch other frogs into their mouths, and sling them out into the direction on their choosing. Each of the three levels explore different aspects of this mechanic. The game won the 1st place the Assembly Summer 2018 game development competition and got the 2nd place in the Hatch party game competition. After posting a clip of the game on Imgur, it got over 500 000 views and was the n.1 post of the day. The game is released on Steam!


Tapper Studio

Game Designer / UI Artist / Composer

This game project started off with a simple idea: could we do a clicker-type game that was actually fun to play? Instead of mindlessly clicking the screen, the player manages a set of different instruments, each of them with their own gameplay mechanics. Trying to keep up a combo, the player can switch between the instruments at any time, and the soundtrack responds accordingly how successful the player is, on instrument-by-instrument basis. The player can earn, combine and upgrade music-themed accessories and equip them to improve their performance, while the song-name generator keeps things interesting.   


All of it

Sizer is a proof-of-concept solo project. The player controls a character that has an ability to change its size. Everything the player can do in the game is done through this mechanic: jumping, climbing, interacting with the environment, attacking enemies, changing weight, and so on. The purpose of this project was to explore these different mechanics and how they could be implemented in practice. I'm really pleased with the results, even though every feature didn't make it to the end.


Machine Annex

Level Designer / Environment Artist

In this first school project I worked on, Machine Annex, the player is controlling a hacked security robot in an industrial facility. In the game's universe, the robots have taken over and imprisoned the humankind. Instead of moving freely, the player movement is limited by the rails the security robots use. The one level built for the game explores the concept of restricted player movement in different ways: the enemies can be on or off the rails, and the player must change their playstyle accordingly. 

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