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Who am I?

My name is Elias Massa, a Kajaani University of Applied Sciences alumni, specialized in game design and art.

I currently work as a game designer at Playstack. I'm a sole designer at the company, since day 1, my responsibility has been designing 3-5 mobile games in parallel. First defining core features based on a given game idea, then communicating and collaborating with teams of each game to see the features implemented. I believe my strengths are visualizing big complex concepts, then presenting the relevant information to others in a clear way.

I believe in game design, it all boil down to the player experience. I have an ability to put myself into the shoes of the player, and see how my design decisions would affect the experience of the end customer. 

Name, Title

Before joining my current company Playstack, I worked on two sizeable horror game projects, Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil (released on Steam and and JANITOR BLEEDS. The latter has gained quite a success, having amassed over 6 million views on YouTube and a very positive rating on Steam.

While developing those horror games, whiteboxing, testing, iterating and polishing levels as well as creating game events in Unity became a daily routine for me. I have experience designing levels, puzzles and combat encounters, in addition to writing and designing narrative elements of the game, from conception to a published product.

I keep myself up to date by playing and dissecting games from various different genres, learning how they affect the player experience, whilst growing my mental game mechanic library, so to speak.  

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